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Library Computer Guy 101

My first instalment of my first blog is intended to be a bit of an introduction and explanation of the moniker “Library Computer Guy.” I didn’t know this was my name, but apparently everyone thinks this is my name… even me.
Let me explain. For the last several years I have worked at a public library in a town of about 15,000. My desk sits out in the middle of the library by the banks and banks of computers that now are a predominant feature of the “connected” library. The first thing anyone sees upon walking through the doors is me, so I get a lot of face time. Often I look up and smile – being distracted by moving objects.

On the “outside” people stare at me as if to say “”Don’t I know you from somewhere.” Some will translate the look into actual words and as I mention that I work at the library they excitedly say “Yeah, you’re the library computer guy.”