outside the box

Image courtesy of Box.netI’m quite excited to share a new service called Box.net which allows storage of files on the web along with many other features.  This idea is not new, but the exectution by Box.net is quite easy to use (including a drag-and-drop function).  I became interested in the service when I read that gOS and the Evergreen computer were now integrated with Box.net to allow storage on the net instead of on a local harddrive.



3 responses to “outside the box

  1. You should check out SMEStorage.com – all files stored on Amazon S3 – full Ajax Drag an Drop in the browser, firefox plug-in, Google Gadget Plug-in, and works with the iPhone. Some great collaboration services also.

    They are only a startup but I like the service and you get more free storage than Box

  2. librarycomputerguy

    Thanks so much. I will definitely check this out.

  3. Hey, Kendra from Box.net here- glad you like the service! Just wanted to chime in and let you know that Box.net offers 1GB storage for our free accounts (SMEStorage seems to offer 250MB …1GB= 1024MB by most accounts).
    Anyway, take good care and thanks agian for the post.

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