Standard practice

NetFlix announced that they will switch exclusively to Blu-Ray technology. .. another indication that the format war is over and that Sony is the victor unlike the last big video format war between VHS and Betamax. Sony lost that war and it is still a matter of debate why the superior Betamax format lost out to VHS. Of course, both formats are irrelevant now. The article linked above suggests one reason for the demise of Betamax was pornography was not available on that format.

The last format war was largely decided by consumers purchasing machines, but this time it was largely decided by the movie studios. In either case consumers lose… those who invest in a particular technology and end up with an expensive door stop. This effect may be mitigated now that BestBuy will pushes blu-ray in stores. Other industries are weighing in as well: This piece is about a line of makeup called Blu-ray for makeup artists dealing with the needs of high definition.

Some pundits laud capitalism’s ability to have a democratic effect allowing for the best products and companies to survive, but what we often have is powerful players and back room negotiations (ohh, mights see this at the Democratic convention as well) like those seen with Microsoft’s wrangling to get OOXML approved as an international. These particular back room shenanigans are being investigated by the EU.

Open, transparent processes would serve the public the best (in politics as well), but that is *not* our standard practice.

Here’s a wiki on how to convert your HD DVDs to Blu-ray.



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