Blogstats and web analytics.

I’ve posted previously about the interesting blog statistic regarding this blog. In particular,I find the search terms which bring information seekers to this site quite interesting. But, I have noticed another interesting factor today, and that is a referring link from a forum in Estonia and a link from a news article in the Wall Street Journal. The Estonian forum links to my piece about opening MS Office .docx in Linux OpenOffice and I can’t really tell (since it is in Estonian) whether the forum poster is saying something good, bad or other about the blog post. The WSJ links to my blog mentioning Price Tower in a link to related blogs (though it doesn’t seem related.)

I hadn’t realized all along that I had been doing web analytics.



4 responses to “Blogstats and web analytics.

  1. So, what was the “unrelated” WSJ article *about*?
    Enquiring minds want to know!

  2. librarycomputerguy

    It was about the China Central Television Tower (OK,perhaps it was related since my blog entry had the word “tower” in it). When I went back to check it, the link to my blog was gone, so I guess someone figured out it was unrelated.

  3. Yes, that’s kind of a stretch! However, I wouldn’t be surprised if you do attract a little attention with this. (If only by Wright enthusiasts trying to set you straight!)

  4. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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