Poor Man’s iPhone

This is a test of Maemo WordPy running on a Nokia 770 N770 Internet TabletInteret Tablet. WordPy can be used to post directly to a WordPress client and this version was ported to run on the Maemo OS, which is a version of Linux for mobile devices.
I refer to the N770 as the poor man’s iPhone… Well, it’s just a tad over a hundred bucks. It isn’t a phone- though it can be used with gizmo or Google talk to make voip calls over a wireless connection.

The most exciting aspect of this device, to me, is that the OS is Linux. The reason this is exciting is because as long as there is an active community, the device will be supported. A strong community does exist and the sales for Nokia were strong enough that they introduced a new IT: Nokia 800. I can browse the web, check and send emails, play games, IM & even post to my wordpress blog.
Many cell phone companies are ditching proprietary systems for Linux.



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