Don’t push my buttons!

Part of my current MLIS coursework (for which this blog is a requirement) is a book titled Don’t Make me Think by Steve Krug. It is an excellent, easy read about how to design websites with an eye on usability. For the most part, I love what Krug has to say. But, one premise of his I disagree with, though I do it with some trepidation, is that clickable links should be three dimensional buttons. I especially find it confusing because he also contends that the logo (which, btw, should always be at the top of the page) is the default home “button”. He does not advocate making all logos 3-D (thank goodness). I acknowledge he has way more experience than I do, and I agree that web users seldom use pages in the way we design them to be used, but I’ve watched a whole lot of virgin web users in my role as information literacy trainer at our public library. They don’t seem to care if a link is a 3D button, they seem to click whatever would intuitively, or even not-so-intuitively be what would take them to where they want to go. I’ve thought about this recently and feel that 3D buttons are no longer a reality in the real world let alone the virtual world. My microwave and range controls are not buttons any more, but are instead touch sensitive text or icons. Even the cell phone increasingly has a similar interface. So, if we don’t click 3D buttons in the real world, why would we look for them in cyberspace? Wouldn’t we instead press the text or icon that intuitively seems related to what we want to do?



3 responses to “Don’t push my buttons!

  1. Hey LCG, great point about the trend outside the www moving away from 3D buttons. Just wanted you to know that there are people out here and reading!

  2. great post , thanks for the link to, hadn’t seen that site before

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