Microsoft products on Linux?

Today I read a bit of news from India that caught my eye.
Software bonhomie: Microsoft products to operate better on Unix, Linux Could this be more movement toward the tipping point from proprietary to open source software?

India is a leader in the use of Open Source software, and for good reason: businesses often can’t afford proprietary software and it seems that the growing Indian economy is catching the attention of Microsoft. The article mentions that ” with large customers finding newer ways of leveraging cost advantages of Linux, it is becoming compelling for Microsoft to start working towards opening its products to rival environments.”

Another issue touched on in this article is the attitude of Indian government toward proprietary software: “Proprietary software in government segment is considered a taboo and Microsoft is playing a catch-up game here.” Many European government are beginning to feel the same way, that an open government should not use a closed system.

I have watched Linux for many years and have read many articles titled “The year of Linux,” and the tipping point may actually be coming. Dell introduced a line of computers running Ubuntu Linux earlier this year and sales must be good enough that they are expanding the line. HP and Lenovo (owner of the IBM brand) are also introducing Linux computers.



One response to “Microsoft products on Linux?

  1. LCG, I am in your class. Are you currently a linux user or just a secret admirer? Just curious, it’s also an interest of mine. I’ve been using it for a few months now.

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